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We Raised £105,800 In 2018

Children Treated

£ Raised

Homes Built

Current Projects

Health Care Project

Project Target £160,000

Goal: At Medaid UK we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to serve the lives of disadvantaged children  who need essential healthcare services and clean water. We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about some of the most pressing issues facing  disadvantaged children in the local communities.

Progress: £93,725 Donated (£82,860 Medical Supplies Donated by Sigma and £10,865 Donated by CART)

Youth Empowerment

Project Target: £25,000

Goal: To teach young adults vocational skills in rice and maize farming, processing and marketing that lead to employment or create income. Currently we are working with our partner Community Action For Economic And Social Transformation (CAEST) to empower youth and women in Lira, Northern Uganda.


Progress: £10,790 Donated

Dental and Oral Healthcare Project

Project Target £120,000

Goal: Support oral healthcare in remote villages  in Northern Uganda by setting Mobile Dental Surgeries and distributing dental surgeries to remote health centres and hospitals in Northern Uganda. 

Progress: £50,000 Donation of Dental equipment 

Water Sanitation Project

Project Target £68,000

Goal: Clean water is a necessity of life. In some countries it is readily available by tap or in bottles. In some parts of Uganda and schools it is hard to find.  We have help communities, schools and refugees to access clean drinking water by distributing aqua boxes and drilled bore holes.

Progress: £7503 Donated

EduCare Project

Project Target £110,000

Goal: To Support the education of the underprivileged children in Northern Uganda and Eastern Uganda by Establish central educational resource centre with; Library Facilities, Printing Facilities, Science Laboratory Facilities , Seminar Rooms, Vocational Training Facilities and ICT Laboratory. 

We have received donation of Science Laboratory Equipment over £50,000 and planning to ship it to Uganda by March 2020

Progress: £50,000 Donated

Sustainable Farming

Project Target: £30,000

Goal: To reduce deforestation and improve crop yields by training local communities in sustainable farming. We aim to reproduce the success of the Amolatar district in Northern Uganda where communities incorporated tree planting with rice, millet and maize farming.


Progress: £15,000 Donated

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Our mission is to improve the lives of the disadvantaged children by establishing community healthcare services in remote villages where access to basic primary healthcare services is a problem.

Medaid United Kingdom
15 Heron Place
4 Bramwell Way
E16 2FJ