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Dental and Oral Healthcare

Goal: £120,000

A visit in December 2000 to the remote rural village of Adwir Alebtong District Northern Uganda by one of our Trustee gave us a challenged to do something towards the healthcare needs of the local community.  The community did not have access to basic healthcare services and the nearest hospital is over 70 miles away. Children were dying from simple but curable diseases. Babies were dying from septicaemia following barbaric removal of “milk teeth buds” with a bicycle spoke. Village blacksmith extracts teeth in the street with  hand made equipment not sterilised and with no anaesthetic.  

The local community have a very strong traditional belief in handling dental cases in children. Once a child has fever it results in an inflammation of the gum,which is presented as a white swelling in the gum. The traditional healers and the local communities believe that it is “False Teeth” (GIDOG). They believe that it must be removed if a child has to survive. The blacksmith carry out crude method of extractions by digging the false teeth with sharp ends of bicycle spoke, with no sterilisation and anaesthetic which subjects children to  lots of severe torture, pain and exposing them to other serious infections.

Since these people are not train and the method used is dangerous, they end up causing more destruction either by removing the wrong tooth, braking the tooth, dislocating the jaw and in most cases the wounds are not treated properly which exposes children and  patients to more serious infections.

It is for these reasons that Medaid United Kingdom was established. 

Please join us and make a donation to bring relief to these children, provide basic and essential healthcare, oral and dental care to these children. 

  • Funding Goal Progress 45% 45%

Project Goals

number of people sensitised on oral healthcare or treated

£ Funding Goal

donated Dental sugeries


 85% of the population of Northern Uganda  rely heavily on “traditional dentist”, self-treatment because of lack of dentist and dental equipment. 

 Last year (2019) data from Medical Aid Uganda mobile dental unit in Lira and Alemere Medical Aid Community health center in Amolatar District – Northern Uganda records dental caries of 40% in children incidence and 62.5% in adults caries was significantly more severe in females as compared in males children 0.05, calculus deposits were generally prevalence in adults compared to children and records further shown 92% population have at least one dental health problem and the incidence as advanced stage  (oral cancer).


  • Inadequate dental equipment, dental personnel, traditional belief in handling dental cases in children.
  • There is less than one trained dentist per 156.000 people (ratio of practising dentist, Uganda is one of the lowest dentist to patient ratio in Sub Sahara Africa.
  • Community health workers, school teachers, midwives, nurses,  of whom are close contact with communities have not been trained to provide oral health education, promotional and management of oral health services. Yet involvement of this group of people is necessary to empower communities to take charge of their oral health.
  • Communities out reaches programs in the district do not include oral health services..
  • Reduced capacities of Both private and public (Government Mission Hospitals and health centers ability or capacity to treat oral and dental problem in its advanced stage (oral cancer).
  • No adequate radio programs on oral health education to communities.
  • Inadequate funding constraining government of Uganda’s effort to combat oral and dental health problem, diseases and infections.

 What are our contributions

Medical Aid Uganda (MAU) is working to combat these problems by establishing complete dental surgeries in Lango Sub region – Northern Uganda, donating dental equipment and surgeries (15 Dental Surgeries)  to private and government facilities in Uganda with the view of giving access to basic oral health care services to rural poor Ugandan.

Oral and Dental Care Services offered by Medical Aid Uganda

  • Prevent dental diseases/infections through oral health education and the community sensitisation.
  • Maintain oral health and hygiene through polishing.
  • Cure dental diseases by filling affected teeth which are not badly damaged and offering clinical treatment.
  • Relieve patients from pain by carrying out appropriate surgical procedures.
  • Restore and replace the lost teeth by use of dentures.
  • Offer professional advice to schools and community concerning oral health hygiene and dental care.

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Partner with us and help save lives of disadvantaged children by providing essential health care in remote villages where access to basic health care is not available.


Make donation in cash or in kind  to support any of the project. Your donation will be use for the purpose of the  donation and we will keep you updated on the impact of your donation. 

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Our mission is to improve the lives of the disadvantaged children by establishing community healthcare services in remote villages where access to basic primary healthcare services is a problem.

Medaid United Kingdom
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